Friday, January 20, 2012

Is this the #1 Frozen Pizza in Italy?

I am what's called a BzzAgent, which is a fancy way of saying I get to test products via campaigns sponsored by the company of the same name. Basically I try out different products for free and then I'm supposed to talk about them to family and friends and spread the "buzz" via word-of-mouth marketing. The more I talk about this stuff the more campaigns I get and the better the products are. I've been an Agent for a few years now and have tested lots of things--cosmetics, allergy medications, interior latex paint, all kinds of things. It's a little weird to talk face to face about these things because I end up sounding like a walking advertisement and that's not really my bag. But a blog is a perfect vehicle for spreading Bzz.

So, today I got on the campaign for this pizza. It's supposedly the #1 frozen pizza brand in Italy. I find this hard to believe because 1) Dr. Oetker is a German company and Germans are known for bratwurst and Lederhosen, not pizza, and 2) my mother-in-law uses Dr. Oetker brand chocolate frosting for her German Christmas cookies. So, I'm dubious.

Here's a quote from the "BzzGuide":

Ristorante Pizza by Dr. Oetker, the #1 frozen pizza in Italy, is here. And, man oh man, was it worth the wait. With a deliciously crispy and thin crust piled high with unique, fresh and generous toppings, it's no wonder the people who live, breathe and, well, eat pizza love these pies so much.

Try any one of their six, Italian-inspired and high-quality pizzas in your home for a quick and satisfying meal. But when you start snapping your fingers for the cameriere or reaching for an imaginary cannoli, remember, you're not in an Italian restaurant — you're just enjoying Italian restaurant quality Ristorante Pizza.

So I suspect in a couple of weeks I'll get some coupons for the pizza in the mail so I can go get my free samples. I'll do a big blog post complete with pictures and give you a Jersey girl's impressions of this supposed authentic pizza. Stay tuned!